1 Hour Consultations

In-Person / Skype / WhatsApp / Zoom Video Call Consultations with Coach Steve are 212 USD per 1 Hour. Please write down ALL of your Questions in Advance, then we don’t Forget anything during the Consultation. If you have (Recent) Blood Work Results for Review during the Consultation, please Email that before Scheduling a Consultation!
NOTE: Follow Up Questions can be asked through the Personalized Advice by E-Mail Service.

If the Consultation lasts over 1 Hour, it can be Extended with 15 Minute Intervals at 53 USD. Below are the Costs for each 15 Minute Extension:
• 15 Minutes; 53 USD
• 30 Minutes; 106 USD
• 45 Minutes; 159 USD
• 1 Hour; 212 USD

Payment Methods

• PayPal Address; vigorous (dot) steve (at) gmail (dot) com
• BitCoin Address; 3LyA4UB3tZa7C8vkAteXNLwmf3258Bv8Xx

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