Muscle Factory Bangkok & Pattaya

Coach Steve has been Training at the Muscle Factory Bangkok since June 2016, before the Gym Officially Opened. It is Hands-Down, the Best Gym in Thailand and one of the Best Gyms in all of Asia!

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Coach Steve Buys the Majority of the Supplements he uses from iHerb. They have Reliable International Shipping for Affordable Rates, with an Average Delivery Time of 7-12 Days.

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Gorilla Mind & Gorilla Mode Supplements

Coach Steve is Sponsored by Gorilla Mind & Gorilla Mode Supplements since June 2020. His Favorite Products are Gorilla Mind Smooth & Gorilla Mode Nitric and takes both to Supercharge his Workouts for Maximum Intensity!!

Derek from owns Gorilla Mind and Formulates all of the Supplements with his Extensive Knowledge of Biology, Cognition, Pharmacology & Workout Performance.

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GymPin Equipment Extenders

Coach Steve uses a GymPin to add Plates to the Weight Stack, when a Full Stack isn’t enough for Progressive Overload Principles. It’s an Essential Piece of Equipment that falls in the same Category as Glucometers, Blood Pressure Cuffs & Deep Tissue Massages, which are all Mandatory for BEASTS!

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Think BIG Bodybuilding Media

Coach Steve has been Listening to Body Building Radio Shows since the First Episode of Pro Body Building Weekly with Dan Soloman & IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo. Gear’D Up & Project Bodybuilding were great Places to Learn, Scott McNally filled the Gap with Advices Radio, then Launced Think BIG Bodybuilding Media, which releases Several Podcasts per Week!

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Scott McNally: @scottmcnally1
Ken “Skip” Hill: @intensemuscle
Dr. Scott Stevenson: @fortitude_training
IFBB Pro Dusty Hanshaw: @dustyhanshaw08
IFBB Pro Ron Partlow: @rep300