Consultation Inquiries

Contact with Coach Steve is meant for Consultation inquiries ONLY! You can find the rates for personalized advice and prerequisites on their respective pages. If these services are not within your financial means, consider purchasing one or several eBook(s) which probably answer many of your questions in great detail. Otherwise, please search the Articles Section or YouTube Channel as some of your questions might already have an article or video discussing several methods to resolve your problem(s).

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2022 UPDATE: Please review the updated Consultation Rates!

Coaching Inquiries

Coach Steve currently doesn’t accept new full-time Coaching Clients, and won’t for the foreseeable future. There is no waiting list! You can schedule consultations at your own leisure. This way, you can receive coaching and personalized guidance on a need-to basis. You can also learn how to coach yourself with these videos:
NEGLIGENCE Is The TRUE REASON You’re Stalling! | How To Be Your OWN Bodybuilding Coach PART 1
WATCH THIS Before You DOUBLE The Dose! | How To Be Your OWN Bodybuilding Coach PART 2

If you consider yourself to be a Financially Secure VIP and absolutely need full-time coaching and frequent private contact with Coach Steve, make him an offer he can’t refuse!

Business Proposals

Due to the high influx of business proposals Coach Steve receives on a daily basis, a pre-paid 1,500 USD consideration fee is required before ANY business proposal is reviewed by Coach Steve. The fee is only payable with Bitcoin, which prevents fraudulent chargebacks and abuse. It is non-refundable; even if Coach Steve rejects your business proposal, the consideration fee is meant for consideration of the proposal and doesn’t guarantee approval!
Approved collaborations include the pre-paid 1,500 USD business proposal collaboration fee, as a deductible for the services agreed upon.

Quick Questions

Please do not contact Coach Steve for “Quick Questions” about PEDs!! Ask them on the Latest YouTube Video instead; this will help with the algorithm and allow others to learn from the answer as well!

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