Affiliate Disclosure

The Website may in some Instances Receive Financial Compensation for Products and/or Services which are Mentioned on this Website, and in other Cases, Receives no Compensation. only Recommends Products that Coach Steve either Personally used himself, or that come from People we Know & Trust. For doing so we may Receive a Sales Commission or Financial Compensation. We will never Recommend any Product that we do not believe in 100%.

The needs of the Community come First, and the Presence or Lack of Financial Compensation in no way Affects the Recommendations made on this Website, available E-Books or Newsletters.

The Commission comes at no Cost to you.

Everything Recommended Coach Steve still uses Today, or has so Recently. Products who are no Longer used by Coach Steve are Removed from the Recommendations & Resources Page and no further Sales Commission or Financial Compensation is received.

The Website HIGHLY Appreciates every Purchase as it helps to keep the Website in Operation.

Visitors of The Website are Free to Spend their Hard Earned Money at their own Discretion, if you find a more Suitable Product from another Brand, by all means, Support the Brand & Products you Believe in MOST!

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The Affiliate Disclosure was last Updated on August 31st, 2020