Zoom Video Call Consultations with Coach Steve are meant for Personalized Advice regarding your fitness journey, the current state of health, blood work review, safer Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) practices, nutrition and training advice, or anything else you have questions about and requires an expert’s second opinion. During a consultation; You and Coach Steve will discuss a healthy and sustainable approach going forward, allowing you to reach your goals in a good state of health!

Consultations aren’t limited to health and fitness advice. Coach Steve is also available to discuss cryptocurrency trading, international business, international banking, offer relationship advice, advise how to escape the Matrix, and live life on your own terms!

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Consultation Fees

Zoom Consultations are available in the following time slots:
• 20 Minutes; 450 USD
• 40 Minutes; 810 USD (10% discount)
• 1 Hour; 1,080 USD (20% discount)
• 10-Hour Package; 7,200 USD (45% discount, details below)

If you scheduled a 20-minute consultation and you’d like to extend it to 40-minutes, you can transfer the difference of 360 USD (810 USD – 450 USD), or 630 USD if you’d like to extend it to a 1-hour consultation (1,080 USD – 450 USD). If you scheduled a 40-minute consultation and you’d like to extend it to 1 hour, you can transfer the difference of 360 USD (1,080 USD – 720 USD).

If the consultation lasts over 1 hour, it can be extended with 20-minute intervals at 360 USD each. Below are the costs for each 20-minute extension, following a 1-hour consultation:
• 20 Minutes; 360 USD (A 20-minute-only consultation is 450 USD, as mentioned above)
• 40 Minutes; 720 USD (A 40-minute-only consultation is 810 USD, as mentioned above)
• 1 Hour; 1,080 USD

Extending a consultation is only possible if scheduling permits. Please reserve adequate time to review your bloodwork and discuss all of your questions with Coach Steve. Extensions might not be possible if Coach Steve has another appointment scheduled afterward.

Please write down ALL of your questions and email them in advance, then Coach Steve can prepare beforehand. If you have (Recent) Blood Work Results for review, please email them before scheduling a consultation, then Coach Steve can review your results prior and assess how much time is required to discuss your results, and the adjustments that need to take place going forward. Coach Steve isn’t able to resolve severe medical conditions and might refer you to a specialist if your bloodwork results indicate organ stress.

Steve’s Availability

Coach Steve currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand in the GMT+7 ICT time zone. Consultations are available during these hours on specific days of the week:
• Daily; 12:00 AM until 2:00 PM (to start a 1-hour consultation) or 2:30 PM (to start a 20 or 40-minute consultation). Extending a consultation beyond 3:10 PM is not possible.
• Monday to Saturday; 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM (to start a 1-hour consultation) or 7:30 PM (to start a 20 or 40-minute consultation). Extending a consultation beyond 8:30 PM is not possible.
• Sunday; 1:00 PM (first-come, first served). Extending a consultation beyond 2:00 PM is not possible.
NOTE: Coach Steve prefers to schedule consultations between Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 AM until 2:00 PM!

Please inform Coach Steve of your current location, and the time zone you live in, then he can reply with his availability for the next couple of days. Coach Steve will reserve your time slot, and schedule the Zoom Conference call in advance, after receiving payment. If Coach Steve does not receive payment or confirmation of the proposed time slots, within 24 hours of replying to your email, he will offer his availability during those times, to other consultation clients.

Reschedule or Cancel a Booked Consultation

You’re able to postpone, reschedule, or cancel a paid consultation, up to 24 hours in advance of the pre-scheduled consultation with Coach Steve. If for whatever reason, you’re unable to contact Coach Steve ahead of time, then your paid consultation becomes void, and you will not have the opportunity to reschedule the consultation to a later date, or receive a refund! NO EXCEPTIONS!

10-Hour Consultation Package

The 10-Hour Consultation Package is meant for people who need more frequent contact with Coach Steve, but require more specific knowledge transfer compared to what is offered during the Mentorship Program. During these 10 hours, clients can ask Coach Steve questions for as long as needed, take notes, discuss ideas, review blood work, etc.

The 10-Hour Consultation Package is based on the 2022 consultation fee of 720 USD per 1 hour. This service is billed on a per-minute basis, at a minimum of 20 minutes per session, with no maximum unless time restrictions prevent extension. The full 10 hours or 600 minutes can be broken into calls like this:
• Consultation 1; 90 minutes
• Consultation 2; 45 minutes
• Consultation 3; 20 minutes
• Consultation 4; 130 minutes
• Consultation 5; 25 minutes
• Consultation 6; 30 minutes
• Consultation 7; 50 minutes
• Consultation 8; 70 minutes
• Consultation 9; 20 minutes
• Consultation 10; 35 minutes
• Consultation 11; 65 minutes
• Consultation 12; 20 minutes
Total: 10 hours / 600 minutes

The 10-Hour Consultation Package is 7,200 USD, this is a 33% discount on the regular 1-hour consultation fee of 1,080 USD, or a 45% discount on the regular 20-minute consultation fee of 450 USD. The package is payable as a one-time payment with Cryptocurrency, International Bank Transfer, or (Transfer) Wise. Installments or spread payments are not possible!

If you’re somehow unable to finish the full 10 hours / 600 minutes offered in this package, you can request a partial refund. However, you will be charged based on the current 1-hour consultation fee of 1,080 USD, at 18 USD per 1 minute.
Example; If you only used or require 225 minutes to reach your goals and have all of your questions answered, then you’ve spent 4,050 USD worth of consultations ( 225 minutes x 18 USD ) based on the current 1-hour consultation rate, and are entitled to a 3,150 USD refund ( 7,200 USD – 4,050 USD ). If you’ve exceeded 400 minutes of this package, then you’re unable to request a refund! ( 400 minutes x 18 USD = 7,200 USD)

Emergency Consultations

In case you have an emergency and need to consult with Coach Steve as soon as possible, you can schedule an emergency consultation at 50 USD per minute, for a minimum of 20 minutes (1,000 USD). In order to prevent abuse of this service, it is only available by transferring 1,500 USD to Coach Steve’s PayPal account, reserving 30 minutes of emergency consultation in advance.

Coach Steve will refund you the number of minutes that you didn’t need, right after the consultation has concluded, to the same PayPal address you transferred from. For example; if the emergency consultation lasts 26 minutes, you will receive a refund of 200 USD (1,500 USD – (50 USD x 4 minutes) ). If the emergency consultation lasts over 30 minutes, then you can transfer the surplus afterward (within 24 hours).

Coach Steve is only available for emergencies during his waking hours, please expect a delayed response between 4 AM and 12 PM GMT+7 ICT Bangkok, Thailand time. During the day, Coach Steve will respond to your emergency within 1 hour of receiving your 1,500 USD reserve payment!

Payment Methods

• Cryptocurrency; contact Coach Steve directly for the BTC, ETH, or USDT address
• PayPal Address; vigorous (dot) steve (at) gmail (dot) com
NOTE: Please only transfer US Dollars to PayPal. Coach Steve does not accept other currencies! PayPal might automatically suggest Thai Baht prior to transfer, and change the currency to US Dollars instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you offer a discount on consultation fees for students, retirees, veterans, etc.?
A. There are NO discounts on this service, please respect Coach Steve’s time and expertise and pay the aforementioned fees, for the consultation duration you’re interested in. If your financial situation allows for a 20-minute consultation, please make sure you prioritize your questions ahead of time. That way, Coach Steve can address the most important topics at the start of the consultation. If you’re unable to afford the consultation fees, please do not contact Coach Steve for personalized advice.

Q. Which blood work markers should I check before scheduling a consultation about my first cycle, or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) protocol?
Please read the following articles:
When are you Ready for your First Cycle?
Medical Screening required before your First Cycle
Essential Health Monitoring Devices
Coach Steve’s Year-Round Supplement Stack
C-Reactive Protein & Carrier Oils Within Pharmaceuticals

If you’re unsure which blood work markers to test for and already have a particular cycle planned out ahead of time, transfer for a 20-minute consultation (retainer) and correspond your ideas to Coach Steve. He will contact you with the appropriate markers and required health screening.

Q. Does a single consultation offer continuous email support afterward?
A. After a consultation, you’re entitled to ONE follow-up email with Coach Steve. To confirm the advice we discussed during the consultation, and ask for any clarification where needed. Depending on the duration of your previous consultation, Coach Steve will reserve between 3-10 minutes to read and answer your follow-up email. Please write down any questions that might arise after this follow-up email, and schedule another 20-minute consultation once you feel you have enough topics to discuss.

Q. Is a consultation the same as lifestyle or bodybuilding coaching?
A. Coach Steve “coaches” many people through consultations, on an as-needed basis. You’re free to schedule a follow-up consultation at your own discretion, whenever you feel the need to discuss your progress, questions, blood work updates, or anything else you’d like an expert opinion on. Please reply to your previous email conversations with Coach Steve, and provide a quick summary of what was discussed and recommended during the previous consultation. It’s impossible to remember personalized advice for each individual. If you’d like more frequent contact with Coach Steve and require a personalized nutritional program, consider the Monthly Mentorship Program instead.

Q. Can we schedule the consultation over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, or another application?
A. Coach Steve prefers Zoom conference calls over other applications. Coach Steve does not share his private phone number!

Q. Does Coach Steve email detailed notes of what was discussed during the consultation?
A. Due to time constraints, Coach Steve is unable to provide notes once the consultation is concluded. Please write down all the important information discussed, and use your follow-up email to confirm, or ask for further clarification where required.

Q. I do not speak English very well, can a friend join the consultation to help with translations?
A. Yes that is no problem at all and is highly encouraged, to ensure you get the most out of your time with Coach Steve.

Q. I only have enough questions for a 10-minute consultation, can a friend join with his/her questions to reach a 20-minute consultation?
A. Yes that is no problem at all. However, please understand that it won’t be possible to review the blood work results of 2 individuals, and discuss solutions to improve health, within a short window of 10 minutes per person.

Q. Can I pre-pay 1-hour, and spread the time out over multiple consultations?
A. You can split a pre-paid 1-hour consultation into two 30-minute consultations, but not three 20-minute consultations. Keep in mind that Coach Steve reviews your questions and blood work results ahead of each consultation, and takes time to read and answer your follow-up email afterward. If for whatever reason you need to cancel the second 30-minute consultation after the first 30-minute consultation already took place, you will be charged 675 USD and can request a 405 USD refund (1,080 USD – 675 USD). Pre-paid consultations are valid for up to 3 months after purchase.

Q. Do you offer in-person consultations in Bangkok, Thailand?
A. Coach Steve isn’t available to meet in-person anywhere in Thailand. The travel time involved makes in-person consultations incredibly time-inefficient, and that’s besides the fact that public places in Thailand are often very noisy and highly distracting.

Q. I’m traveling to Bangkok, Thailand soon. Can I train with Coach Steve, or treat him to dinner, cigar, evening out, etc?
A. Coach Steve isn’t a friend-for-hire and prefers to spend, what little time he has left during the day, with his wife.