A Zoom Video Call Consultation with Coach Steve is 290 USD per 30 Minutes or 492 USD per 1 Hour. Please write down ALL of your questions in advance; then we don’t forget anything during the consultation. If you have (Recent) Blood Work Results for review during the consultation, please email those in advance before scheduling a consultation!

If you scheduled a 30 Minute consultation and you’d like to extend it to 1 Hour, you can simply transfer the difference of 202 USD (492 USD – 290 USD) during the consultation and continue with Personalized Advice if scheduling permits.

If the consultation lasts over 1 Hour, it can be extended with 15 Minute intervals at 123 USD. Below are the Costs for each 15 Minute Extension:
• 15 Minutes; 123 USD
• 30 Minutes; 256 USD
• 45 Minutes; 369 USD
• 1 Hour; 492 USD

Payment Methods

• BitCoin Address; 3LyA4UB3tZa7C8vkAteXNLwmf3258Bv8Xx
• PayPal Address; vigorous (dot) steve (at) gmail (dot) com
NOTE: Please only transfer US Dollars to PayPal, Coach Steve does not accept other currencies! If you transfer a different currency, Coach Steve will refund you!

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