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When are you Ready for your First Cycle?

There’s about 8 Months between the Comparisons above, consisting of 4 Months Offseason without PEDs (Drug-Free), followed by a 4 Month First Cycle. I was 26 Years Old at the Time I started my First Cycle and had been Performance Enhancing Drug-Free since starting Fitness / Body Building at 15 Years Old!

During the 1st Month of the Cycle I slowly increased Food Intake from 4,500 to 5,200 Calories per Day. After I reached 92kg I started Recomping Unintentionally and slowly reduced Food Intake to 2,400 Calories per Day, while doing Double 1 Hour Cardio Sessions every Day in order to get “Shredded”!
Obviously I went Tanning a lot while I was Dieting, hence the change in Complexion!

My First Cycle Consisted of 250mg Aburaihan Pharma Testosterone Enanthate per Week, for about 12 Weeks. Followed by 2 Weeks of 50mg Testolic Testosterone Propionate & 50mg Desma / Zambon Winstrol Depot per Day. During the entire Cycle I used 0.5mg UGL Arimidex Twice per Week on Injection Days. The last 8 Weeks I used between 40-120mcg UGL Clenbuterol per Day, while keeping Beta-2 Receptors Sensitive with 1mg Zaditen Ketotifen before Bed.

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First Cycle Prerequisites & Considerations

Since everybody and their Mother are on a Boatload of Anabolics nowadays, usually way earlier then they should be, let me break it down for you Nice & Easy and tell you when you’re actually ready to do YOUR First Cycle:
1. When you’re able to Cook ALL your own meals and NEVER miss a Meal!
2. When you’ve done Progressive Overload to the point you’re Anxious and Scared before the next Workouts.
3. When you know how to Schedule a Deload, before Over-Training occurs.
4. When you’ve been keeping track of your Blood Work and your Testosterone is declining, even though you’ve done everything in your Power to keep it as high as naturally possible, through Nutrition, Supplementation, Circadian Sleep Cycles, Stress Reduction & 2x Body Weight Squats for Reps.
5. When your Body Fat Levels are below 12%, any Higher will Result in Excessive Aromatase Activity and lead to High Serum Estrogen Levels, which needs Large Dosages of Aromatase Inhibitors or SERMs to Correct.
6. When a 100kg / 225lbs+ Bodybuilder on Steroids asks you what your Cycle is.

First Cycle Checklist

When you can YES to ALL 5 Points above, you have the Approval to start a Cycle. Before you get started, a simple Checklist:
1. You understand you are making a LIFE-TIME Commitment to Steroid Use. Nobody ever does one Cycle and walks away, the large majority of us Blast & Cruise and only come off to get their Wife or Girlfriend Pregnant. You should still go through at least 1 PCT before Blasting & Cruising, this Mentally Prepares you for the Roller Coaster to come when you’re ready to Conceive!
2. You are Financially Secure and/or have Health Insurance and can pay your own Medical Expenses in case something goes wrong!
3. You understand and agree to the Legal Ramifications that come along with PED use.
4. Blood Work; ALL Markers need to be in range, if your lipids are off, steroids are certainly going to make them worse. If you’re not in a PERFECT State of Health prior to starting your Cycle, don’t expect to make any significant improvements while using Steroids and other PEDs!
5. You have your entire planned Cycle & PCT Requirements in Stock; Testosterone, Aromasin, HCG, Nolvadex, Clomid, Syringes, 21G & 27-29G x 1.5″ Needles, Alcohol Swabs should all be in your Medicine Cabinet in the qualities needed for the intended duration of your cycle.
6. You are absolutely 100% sure your PEDs are QUALITY. Meaning no Shit Underdosed UGL or faked Pharmgrade Products. Spend the money on Real Pharmgrade if you have access to it, it’s ALWAYS worth the extra cash, ALWAYS! At least make sure your UGL is produced with ORGANIC Carrier Oils!
7. You have Complete Understanding of the possible Side-Effects that come along with each and every single PED you intend to use and know how to control them before they become Incredibly Problematic!
8. You will at all Times, Control your Anger and Frustration with the World. ROIDRAGE is very real and you will forever be Bruce Banner trying to control the HULK!
9. You understand that, from your first injection on wards, you are simply renting your new Super-Body, which will slowly disappear when you discontinue using PEDs.
10. You agree that you’re now pretending to be your own Endocrinologist, Nephrologist, Cardiologist, Hematologist, Hepatologist & Nurse. Medical Professions you have limited understanding of, and are certainly not qualified in, stay humble and keep learning as most as you can!

I have read the Above Statements & Articles and Consent to a Life-Time of Health Micro-Management due to Recreational use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. I am Completely Informed of the Potential Risk and both Mentally & Emotionally Prepared of the Physiological Changes that might occur.

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