The Ultimate Designer Steroid: TurboDrol

Attention Please!! I’ve created a new Steroid called TurboDrol, specs below!
• Androgenic-Anabolic Ratio; 9001:2015
• Chemical Name; 5α-DiHydroChloroTetra-17α-DiMethylGestriEpi-19-Nor-AndroStane-1-BoldeTriTestosteroneDiol
• Formula; C24H34O2S1Cl1
• Molecular Mass; 316.01 g/mol
• Melting Point; 187 Celsius
• Biological Half-Life; 4-6 Hours
• Detection Time; 280 Days / 40 Weeks
• Carrier Oil; Cooking Grade MCT Oil

It’s a combination of the most Popular, Cutting Edge, Underground, Tried & Proven Designer Steroids that all my World Class Elite Athletes used to win each and every single competition they enter.

Expect all the Anabolic & Performance Enhancing Effects of the following compounds, now combined into TurboDrol:
• The Clear / THG (TetraHydroGestrinone)
• Pro-Hormones
(AndroStanediol & all it’s Variants)
• Epistane
• Superdrol
• Halodrol
• Methyl-Tren / Metribolone
• Cheque Drops / Mibolerone
(DiMethylNorTestosterone )
• Testolone / MENT
• Test-1-Cyp / DHB

Do you remember those? Yeah, neither do I!

If people are still using a Designer Steroid 10 Years after coming to Market, without any real Adverse Effects, then it’s a Substance worth Considering. Until that Day comes, just let the Irresponsible Gym Rats Experiment with them!

I will say that Superdrol still has useful Applications for Body Building or Strength Sports, as it helps to break through Lifting Plateaus and has it’s Place in a Carb-Up Protocol leading into a Body Building Contest.
The rest are easily forgettable…

The TurboDrol Vial is actually Bacterio-Static Water LOL!

tl;dr. Stop looking for the next best thing and just put in the Work. Those 70s Guys only had a handful of Compounds to choose from and they all looked Phenomenal!

Trololololol La-La-La !!!

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