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Short-Term HCG Protocol to Restore Sex-Hormone Balance to Libido-Favorable Ranges

Using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in Short & High-Dose Blasts is probably the Easiest and Most-Effective way to Restore Libido when Hormone Balance is off. HCG mimics Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and signals the Testes to start producing Testosterone, Estrogen & Semen again, while the Adrenal Glands produce more DHEA & Pregnenolone.

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Blood Work Markers while using Exogenous Hormones

Use of HCG to Improve Libido is under the Assumption that Stress is Managed to the best of your Abilities and you’re in a Caloric Surplus, while Supplementing with 100mg 5-HTP per Day for High-Normal Levels or Serotonin in the Brain!

Men who Suffer from Libido Issues and/or Erectile Dysfunction while using PEDs, often have their Blood Work Markers in the Following Ranges;
• Estrogen / Estradiol E2; Low or Below the Reference Range
• Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG); Low or Below the Reference Range
• DHEA, DHEA-Sulfate, Pregnenolone & Pregnenolone-Sulfate; around the Bottom to Middle of the Reference Range
• Total, Free & Bio-Available Testosterone; Sufficient to (Incredibly Elevated) Above the Reference Range
• Total Testosterone (ng/dL) to Estrogen (pg/mL) Ratio; far Exceeding 13-18:1

The HCG & Supplement Protocol mentioned in this Article & YouTube Video should restore Libido and keep Sex-Drive elevated as long as the Individual doesn’t go into a Contest Prep & Restricts Calories (Severely), increases their AI Dose, adds DHTs or Progestogenic AAS Compounds, etc. The Libido-Favorable Hormone Balance should be carefully Maintained by excluding certain Practices or PEDs, otherwise you’ll have to be Willing to Sacrifice your Libido for being Shredded.

HCG + DHEA & Pregnenolone Protocol

Assuming that Prolactin is in Range or Managed with 200-300mg Vitamin B6 P5P per Day and Progestogenic AAS are not Part of the PED Protocol, the Following Protocol should be Highly Effective to Restore Libido:
• 1,000-2,000iu HCG (depending on Potency) Every other Day; for 2-3 Weeks or 7-10 Injections Total
• 25mg DHEA & 10mg Pregnenolone per Day; upon Waking. While HCG increases DHEA-Sulfate & Pregnenolone-Sulfate Production in the Adrenal Glands, Supplementing these Hormones in will increase Free DHEA & Pregnenolone Levels much Faster, allowing for High Levels of Serum DHEA- & Pregnenolone-Sulfate Levels. Because Steroid Sulfatase (STS) doesn’t need to Metabolize DHEA- & Pregnenolone-Sulfate into Free DHEA & Pregnenolone. This causes these Hormone Levels (as well as Serum Estrogen Levels) to be Sufficiently Elevated by the Time HCG is Discontinued!

During this Time you shouldn’t use Aromatase Inhibitors (AI) in order to Restore your Testosterone to Estradiol Ratio to Libido-Favorable Levels. This might mean that you need to use 10mg Nolvadex / Tamoxifen before Bed, if you’re Susceptible to Gynecomastia Symptoms or have High Body Fat Levels (over 15%), which increases Aromatase Activity. Use of AI might not Restore Libido fully, while Nolvadex can be used at least until you’ve Confirmed your Serum Estrogen Levels with Blood Work. Based on your Blood Work Results, you can either add AI or a Combination of Diindolylmethane & Calcium D-Glucarate, in order to help with Estrogen Management.

Supplement Protocol

While you’re Following this Protocol, you can Consider using the Following Supplements in order to Improve Effectiveness of the HCG:
• 800iu Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherol & Tocotrienols) per Day; 400iu with Breakfast & Dinner. Vitamin E Activates Spermato-Genesis & Enhances the Production of Pregnenolone, DHEA, Testosterone & Estrogen while using HCG.
• 5000iu Vitamin D3 per Day; 5,000iu with Breakfast. Plays an Essential Role in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis (HPTA), increases Sensitivity to Luteinizing Hormone (LH) or HCG (Synthetic LH) & Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), helps to Manage Leydig Cell & Adrenal Gland Function & Maintains Healthy Spermato-Genesis.
• 3,000-5,000mg Taurine per Day; 3,000-5,000mg 1 Hour Pre-Workout or 1,000mg with 3-5 Meals. Supports the HPTA Central Nervous System Signaling by increasing Serum LH & FSH Levels. Taurine is Abundant in Male Reproductive Organs, Supplementation helps to Improve Testicular Function while using HCG.
• 2,000mg+ L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate per Day; 2,000mg+ 1 Hour Pre-Workout or 500mg with 4+ Meals. Carnitine Contributes to the Production of new Androgen Receptors and give your Testosterone & DHT more Receptors to Bind to, in order to Improve Androgen Induced Libido & Sex-Drive.
• 50-100mg Zinc per Day; 25-50mg with Breakfast & Dinner. Plays an Essential Role in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis (HPTA), increases Sensitivity to Luteinizing Hormone (LH) or HCG (Synthetic LH) & Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), helps to Manage Leydig Cell & Adrenal Gland Function & Maintains Healthy Spermatogenesis.
• 400-800mcg Selenium per Day; 100-200mcg with 4 Meals. Plays an Important Part in the Endocrine, Immune & Cardio-Vascular System. The Testicles contain Relatively High Amounts of Selenium, where is Contributes to Fertility & Semen Volume.
• 500mg+ Dietary Cholesterol per Day; about 2 Whole Eggs or 1,000g Beef Steak/Chicken/Pork/Salmon. Cholesterol is a Building Block for ALL Sex-Hormones, Fertility Drugs utilize Cholesterol from Diet or by means of Liver Production, in order to Synthesize Pregnenolone & DHEA, which Convert into Testosterone, Estrogen and many other Intermediate Sex-Hormones.

Adjustments to Maintain Medium-High Libido

When Medium-High Libido is Returned after 2-3 Weeks of HCG use, it can be Discontinued and Vitamin E, Zinc & Selenium can be reduced to about Half the Dosages mentioned Above. While the other Supplements should be Continued as they have many other Benefits besides Improving Sensitivity to LH / HCG.
NOTE: If you and your Partner Enjoyed the increase in Semen Volume, feel free to keep the Supplemental Selenium at 400-800mcg per Day! Keep in mind that Fertility is Tremendously Improved During & After this HCG & Supplement Protocol, Contraceptives might be Required!!

Make sure you keep Supplementing with DHEA & Pregnenolone, as their Serum Levels will slowly Decline the Longer you use Exogenous Testosterone and/or other AAS. Both Hormones Contribute to Androgen Receptor Gene-Transcription (in Combination with Carnitine), which increases the Effectiveness of the AAS you’re taking in your PED Protocol!

Long-Term HCG use on Cycle

Since HCG Promotes a Libido-Favorable Hormone Balance on Testosterone / Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT / HRT), you might feel inclined to use a Low Dose of HCG Year Round as part of your TRT / HRT Protocol. Keep in mind that the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Receptors can still Down-Regulate in the Presence of Chronically High Levels of Synthetic LH (HCG), making it less Effective over Time, which still causes SHBG, DHEA, DHEA-Sulfate, Pregnenolone, Pregnenolone-Sulfate and perhaps Estrogen to decline over Time!

Comparing DHEA & Pregnenolone Supplementation to HCG Treatment of 100-150iu 2-3x per Week, you will most likely see a Higher Serum Estrogen Levels while using HCG as it Stimulates Production of Estrogens Directly in the Testicles. This Conversion can’t be Controlled by AIs like Aromasin, Arimistane, Arimidex or Letrozole as they’re unable to Enter the Testes in order to Potentiate their Effects on the Aromatase Enzymes. Unlike DHEA & Pregnenolone, HCG also Improves Total Cholesterol & LDL Levels as the Testes & Adrenal Glands Utilize Cholesterol to Produce Sex-Hormones!

In order to Prevent Down-Regulation of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Receptors, HCG can be used for Short-Term Periods in order to Restore Libido or HPTA for Complete Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). In the Long-Term it’s better to use DHEA & Pregnenolone Supplementation to Compliment your Hormone-Balance while using Exogenous Testosterone, while keeps LH Receptors Responsive to HCG in the case you want or need to do PCT. Resulting in Medium-High Libido and Improved Androgen Receptor Gene-Transcription, a WIN-WIN Scenario for any Enhanced Body Builder or Fitness Enthusiast!

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