Personalized Advice by Email

The Personalized Advice by Email Service is meant for guidance regarding your fitness journey, the current state of health, blood work review, safer Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) practices, nutrition and training advice, or anything else you have questions about and require an expert’s second opinion on.

During this email service; Steve will review your current fitness protocol, and recommend a healthy and sustainable approach going forward, allowing you to reach your goals in a good state of health!

Personalized advice by email isn’t limited to health and fitness advice. Steve is also available to discuss cryptocurrency trading, international business, international banking, offer relationship advice, advise how to escape the Matrix, and live life on your own terms!

Steve IS NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL and isn’t able to resolve severe medical conditions! Please seek (immediate) medical attention from a qualified physician, if your bloodwork results indicate organ stress or damage!

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Personalized Advice by Email Fees

The service fee is based on the 1-hour consultation rate of 1,620 USD, charged at 27 USD per 1-minute, at a minimum of 270 USD for 10 minutes worth of reading and replying:
• 10 Minutes; 270 USD
• 20 Minutes*; 540 USD
• 30 Minutes*; 810 USD
• 40 Minutes*; 1,080 USD
• 50 Minutes*; 1,350 USD
• 60 Minutes*; 1,620 USD
• 10-Hour Coaching Package; 11,140 USD (over 30% discount, details here)

* From 10 minutes onward, you can purchase personalized advice by email with 2-minute increments.

Calculating Read & Reply Service Minutes

To streamline this service, read out your own email by speaking phonetically while tracking how many minutes it takes for you to read your own email out loud. DOUBLE the number of minutes to cover Steve’s time required to read AND reply to your email, and TRIPLE the number of minutes in case you require blood work review alongside your questions.

EXAMPLE: If your email takes 12 minutes to read out loud, double it to 24 minutes and multiply by 27 USD, for a total of 648 USD. If your email takes 6 minutes to read out loud and includes bloodwork results, triple it to 18 minutes and multiply by 27 USD, for a total of 486 USD. If your email takes 2 minutes to read out loud, the minimum fee of 270 USD still applies!!

Personalized Advice by Email Retainer

This service works similarly to a lawyer retainer fee; minutes spent answering questions by email, are deducted from the number of minutes that you pre-paid for (retainer).
EXAMPLE: When you purchase a 30-minute personalized advice by email retainer, it allows you to have multiple email conversations with Steve, within this 30-minute read & reply time window. The first email might take 14 minutes to read & reply, the second email 6 minutes, and the third email 10 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes. You can even break it up into 6 emails of 5 minutes worth reading & replying each, since your initial payment far exceeds the 10-minute minimum to use this service!

Coaching Package Extension

If you’re satisfied with the advice and recommendations Steve has given you during the initial email response, and you’d like a more continuous Coach-Client collaboration with Coach Steve, consider extending your consultation to the 10-Hour Consultation Coaching Package.

Steve will offer you the difference between the personalized advice by email service already paid for, and the total fee for the 10-hour package, minus the minutes already spend during the initial consultation.
EXAMPLE: If you’ve already had a 20-minute consultation and paid 540 USD, then you can transfer 10,600 USD (11,140 USD – 540 USD) for the remaining 580 minutes (600 minutes – 20 minutes) offered in the 10-hour package! This offer is valid for 1 week after the initial email response!


The personalized advice by email service is available all year long, Steve always replies to his emails within 24 hours of receiving payment. Keep in mind that Steve is only available to reply during his waking hours, please expect a delayed response between 4 AM and 12 PM GMT+7 ICT Bangkok, Thailand time.

Cancel a Paid Personalized Advice by Email

You’re only to cancel a paid personalized advice by email service, right after your purchase. In many cases, Steve starts reading and replying to your email as soon as payment is received. If you do not cancel right away, Steve might already work on the advice, and a refund will not be possible! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Payment Methods

• Credit Cards; all major credit cards are supported through the webshop.
• Cryptocurrency; contact Steve directly for the BTC, ETH, or USDT address.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you offer a discount on personalized advice by email service fees for students, retirees, veterans, etc.?
A. There are NO discounts on email services, please respect Steve’s time and expertise and pay the aforementioned fees, for the personalized advice by email service duration you require to have your questions answered. If your financial situation only allows for a 10-minute email, please make sure you prioritize your questions ahead of time. That way, Steve can address the most important topics at the beginning of replying to your questions.

Q. Which blood work markers should I check before paying for the personalized advice by email service?
Please read the following articles:
When are you Ready for your First Cycle?
Medical Screening required before your First Cycle
Essential Health Monitoring Devices
Coach Steve’s Year-Round Supplement Stack
C-Reactive Protein & Carrier Oils Within Pharmaceuticals

If you’re unsure which blood work markers to test for and already have a particular cycle planned out ahead of time, transfer the fee for a 30-minute personalized advice by email service (retainer) and correspond your ideas to Steve here. He will contact you with the appropriate markers and required health screening.

Q. Does a single personalized advice by email service offer continuous email support afterward?
A. With the personalized advice by email service, you’re paying for the number of minutes that Steve needs to answer the questions in your email. Once those pre-paid minutes are spent, Steve requires additional payment for follow-up emails. Look into the Personalized Advice by Email Retainer to cover additional follow-up questions!

Q. Is the personalized advice by email service the same as lifestyle or bodybuilding coaching?
A. Steve “coaches” many people through personalized emails, on an as-needed basis. You’re free to place a retainer for multiple follow-up emails and use the service at your own discretion, whenever you feel the need to discuss your progress, questions, blood work updates, or anything else you’d like an expert opinion on.
Please reply to your previous email conversations with Steve, and provide a quick summary of what was discussed and recommended during the previous consultation. It’s impossible to remember personalized advice for each individual client.
If you’d like more frequent contact with Steve and require a personalized nutritional program, consider the 10-Hour Consultation Coaching Package instead.

Q. I do not speak English very well, can a friend translate my emails for the personalized advice by email service? Or can I use translation software to communicate my questions with Steve?
A. Yes that is no problem at all and is highly encouraged, to ensure you get the most out of your email conversation with Steve.

Q. I only have enough questions for a 5-minute personalized advice by email service, can a friend join with his/her questions to reach the 10-minute minimum?
A. Yes that is no problem at all. Otherwise, look into the 10-minute Personalized Advice by Email Retainer for additional follow-up emails.