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Zoom Video Call Consultations with Coach Steve are meant for Personalized Advice regarding your fitness journey, the current state of health, blood work review, safer Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) practices, nutrition and training advice, or anything else you have questions about and require an expert’s second opinion on.

During a consultation; You and Steve will review your current fitness protocol, and discuss a healthy and sustainable approach going forward, allowing you to reach your goals in a good state of health!

Consultations aren’t limited to health and fitness advice. Steve is also available to discuss cryptocurrency trading, international business, international banking, offer relationship advice, advise how to escape the Matrix, and live life on your own terms!

Coach Steve will contact you to schedule the consultation, within 24 hours of receiving payment.

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Steve IS NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL and isn’t able to resolve severe medical conditions! Please seek (immediate) medical attention from a qualified physician, if your bloodwork results indicate organ stress or damage!

Steve’s Availability

Steve currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand in the GMT+7 ICT time zone. Consultations are available during these hours on specific days of the week:
• Daily*; 12:00 AM until 2:00 AM (to start a 40-minute or 1-hour consultation) or 2:30 AM (to start a 20-minute consultation). Extending the consultation beyond 3:00 AM is not possible!
• Monday to Saturday; 1:00 PM until 7:00 PM (to start a 40-minute or 1-hour consultation) or 7:30 PM (to start a 20-minute consultation). Extending the consultation beyond 8:00 PM is not possible!
• Sunday; 1:00 PM (first come, first served). Extending a consultation beyond 2:00 PM is not possible!

* Steve prefers to schedule consultations between Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 AM until 2:00 AM GMT+7 ICT time! You can convert the time difference between your location and Bangkok, Thailand, here:

Please inform Steve of your current location and the time zone you live in, and include your availability over the next couple of days, within the aforementioned time slots. Steve is only able to offer and reserve a time slot and schedule the Zoom conference call in advance, AFTER receiving payment.

Due to the increased demand for consultations, Steve isn’t able to propose time slots without payment reservation! Once payment has been received, a time slot is reserved, and your Zoom conference call link has been emailed, you have 24 hours to confirm the appointment or propose a different time slot (pending availability).
If you do not confirm the appointment, Steve will propose this available time slot to another consultation client.

Consultation Extension

If you scheduled a 20-minute consultation and you’d like to extend the call to 40-minutes, then you can transfer the difference of 540 USD (1,215 USD – 675 USD), or 945 USD if you’d like to extend the call to a 1-hour consultation (1,620 USD – 675 USD) after the consultation has concluded.

If you scheduled a 40-minute consultation and you’d like to extend the call to 1 hour, then you can transfer the difference of 405 USD (1,620 USD – 1,215 USD), after the consultation has concluded.

If the consultation lasts over 1 hour, it can be extended with 20-minute intervals at 540 USD each. Below are the costs for each 20-minute extension, following a 1-hour consultation:
• 20 Minutes; 540 USD (A 20-minute-only consultation is 675 USD, as mentioned above)
• 40 Minutes; 980 USD (A 40-minute-only consultation is 1,215 USD, as mentioned above)
• 1 Hour; 1,620 USD

Extending a consultation is only possible if scheduling permits. Please reserve adequate time to review your bloodwork and discuss all of your questions with Steve. Extensions might not be possible if Steve has another appointment scheduled afterward.

You can find more information about consultations here.


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