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Coach Steve’s Year-Round Supplement Stack

In this Article I’ll lay out the Entire Supplement Protocol which I follow Year-Round. A Combination of these Supplements gives me the best possible Blood Work while Following my HRT Protocol and during a Full-Blown Steroid Cycle. Although Additional Supplementation might be Required when Blasting with Heavy Androgenic Compounds or…

Blood Work | Men Specific | Organs & Biology | Performance Enhancing Drugs | Supplementation

Short-Term HCG Protocol to Restore Sex-Hormone Balance to Libido-Favorable Ranges

Using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in Short & High-Dose Blasts is probably the Easiest and Most-Effective way to Restore Libido when Hormone Balance is off. HCG mimics Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and signals the Testes to start producing Testosterone, Estrogen & Semen again, while the Adrenal Glands produce more DHEA &…

Blood Work | Health & Longevity | Organs & Biology | Performance Enhancing Drugs

Relevant Blood Work Markers for the Enhanced Fitness Enthusiast

The Blood Work Markers below will give any Body Builder or Fitness Enthusiast an Accurate Indication of their Current State of Health and Insight into Areas (or Organs) they need to focus their Attention on, in order to Improve certain Health Markers. Blood Work Analysis I always ask new Coaching…