Body Building is…

Body Building is getting Stared at 24/7, often with Perverse Intentions.

Body Building is shopping for Clothes, but coming Home Empty Handed.

Body Building is having your Food Delivered in Bulk, because it can’t possibly fit in the Trunk of your Car.

Body Building is a 60 Minute Pre-Workout Routine, for a 30 Minute Arm Workout.

Body Building is walking into a Room with Rocket Scientists, suddenly the Conversation changes to Building Biceps & Losing Love Handles.

Body Building is getting your Inner Elbows stuck on Door Handles.

Body Building is waking up in a Puddle of Sweat, while the Air Conditioning is set to 17 Degrees Celsius.

Body Building is adding another Pillow to your Desk Chair, so your Adductors don’t cut off Circulation to your Glutes & Hamstrings.

Body Building is spending 50 USD on your Pre-Workout Supplements, then Training in a Broken 5 USD XXXL Shirt you bought 7 Years Ago.

Body Building is filling your Empty Protein Containers with Needles, Syringes, Vials & Amps.

Body Building is staring at another Man’s Calves in Admiration, as he walks up the Stairs in Front of You.

Body Building is falling asleep in the Passenger Seat, on a 10 Minute Trip to de Grocery Store.

Body Building is getting showered with Compliments, only to look at yourself with Flaws to Improve.

Body Building is smelly Tupperware Containers & Shaker Bottles, which still smell after 2 Rounds in the Dish Washer.

Body Building is wondering if your Arms are Bigger then that Girls Waist Circumference.

Body Building is taking out another Mortgage on your 1.5 Bedroom House, just so you can afford a few more IU’s of Growth Hormone & IGF-1.

Body Building is cancelling Valentine’s Day, because it Falls on your Leg Day.

Body Building is showering 4 Times per Day, by the Time you Fixed your Hair, your Face is already Greasy.

Body Building is spending more Time in the Kitchen & Bathroom, then you do Working Out in the Gym.

Body Building is having a small Pharmacy in your bottom Drawer, enough to Survive the COVID-19 Zombie Apocalypse.

Body Building is bringing a Whey Protein & Oatmeal Shake, to your Parent’s Christmas Dinner.

Body Building is considering to do Blood Work, when the Moon is Blue, the Hulk beat Superman in a MDCEU Movie and People no longer pay Taxes.

Body Building is not being able to fit into your Shoes, after a 1,000 Gram Carbohydrate Refeed.

Body Building is preferring to do another Hour of Cardio, over Cleaning the House.

Body Building is searching for a Gym, Grocery Store & Tanning Salon, before you look for Hotels at your preferred Holiday Destination.

Body Building is locking yourself in the Bathroom for 1,5 Hours, in order to Trim all your Body Hair.

Body Building is constant Pain, Misery & Suffering, without it you wouldn’t know how to recognize Joy or Satisfaction.

Body Building is thinking Sexy Women find you Extremely Attractive, only to find out they’re actually Men with Make-Up & Silicone Implants.

Body Building is Straps, Wrist Wraps, Belts, Elbow & Knee Sleeves, but never Gloves, because Gloves are for Pussies!

Body Building is having Steaming Hot Sex for 20 Minutes, followed by 45 Minutes of Profuse Sweating, Heart Palpitations & Asthmatic Breathing.

Body Building is treating yourself like a Science Experiment, but you’re Dr. Frankenstein, his Creature, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Steve Rogers, the Thing & the Hulk all at the same Time.

Body Building is having 2 Wedding Rings, one for Offseason and one for Contest Prep.

Body Building is asking Random Body Builders you’ve never met before, where they buy their PEDs.

Body Building is waking up with Numb Arms & Cramping Adductors, because Earth’s Gravity punishes you for your Abnormal Muscularity.

Body Building is going to a 5-Star Hotel Buffet, only to eat the Tenderloin Steak, Grilled Potatoes & Sautéed Vegetables.

Body Building is planning to do your First Cycle, which last 30-40 Years or Longer.

Body Building is getting Pulled Over by Traffic Police, just so they can get a Selfie with your Arms.

Body Building is cutting your Callouses, Toe & Finger Nails, every 5 Days.

Body Building is just an Excuse, so you can give in to your OCD Tendencies.

Body Building is frantically checking your Resting Heart Rate, wondering if you already took your 3rd Dose of Clenbuterol that Day.

Body Building is getting Ryder Wear Shoes for your Birthday, but you really wanted a Fresh Pair of Otomix.

Body Building is wanted to Diet when you’re Bulking, and wanted to Bulk when you’re Dieting.

Body Building is peeing 7 Times per Night, because you reduced Carbs by 50 Grams the Day before.

Body Building is sneaking out at the Middle of the Night, slamming 2 Rolls of Oreos’ on the Corner of the Local 7-11.

Body Building is a 2 Week Mini-Diet without Carbs, so you can fit into the Theme Park Rides.

Body Building is having 12 Different Colored Shirts of the same Design, because they show off your Arms.

Body Building is napping Twice per Day, but you already start Snoring before you actually Fall Asleep.

Body Building is FUN and I LOVE IT!!

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