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Body Building & Physical Transformation is about Momentum

Momentum is the single most Important aspect of Body Building or any Physique Transformation. While it’s nothing more than a String of Successful Days where you Accomplished everything your needed to do in order to reach your Goals, any Deviation from a Successful Day and you lose the Momentum and Productivity.

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A Simple Check-List for a Successful Day

Get 8 Hours or more of Quality Sleep every Night

This is usually where People Fail First; using Work as an excuse why they aren’t Sleeping enough. You recover from the Day, including your Insane Workouts, while you’re Sleeping. The deeper you Sleep, the better your Recover. This means turning off the Blue Light Sources 2 Hours before going to Bed, Sleeping in a Dark Room, waking by the Rising Sun (not the Alarm Clock), anything that allows you to follow the Circadian Rhythm every Day.

All Meals are Eaten at the Correct Times

These should all be Cooked by Yourself, either Pre-Made or Made Fresh on the Day of Consumption, preferably the Latter! Every Meal should contain Whole & Nutritious (Perishable) Foods that you can Digest & Absorb 100%. Any Food that causes Gas, Bloating, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Lethargy, etc. should be eliminated through usage of a Food-Allergy Test or by following an Elimination Diet. Every Meal should contain a stable amount of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Magnesium for proper Cellular Function & Hydration. Phosphorous depends on the Protein Sources and doesn’t need to be Supplemented as each Protein Source digest at a different rate, often releasing Phosphorous at a constant pace. Supplements like Fish Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ox Bile, Oregano Oil, R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid, Betaine HCL & Pepsin, Digestive Enzymes, etc. can be used to improve Digestion and keep your Stomach Flat when consuming Thousands of Calories Daily.

Water is Consumed in between Meals

In order to allow Stomach Acid to improve Digestion you should stop drinking Water 30 Minutes before & after Meals. This requires some Discipline and will be highly beneficial during the Offseason when Food Intake is High. Diet Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners should be avoided as they are known to Alter the Gut Micro-Biome and change Stomach Acidity, which can cause Acid Reflux / Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or worsen Pre-Existing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

All Supplements & Oral PEDs are taken at the Correct Times & Correct Dosages

Some Supplements need to be taken before Meals, some after Meals, some only Upon Waking and others only before Bed. A 7 Day Medicine Cabinet with 4-6 Compartments per Day goes a long way at helping to keep your Supplement Intake consistent throughout the Day. Get a Pill Organizer that allows you to take Trays out for the Day, then you can bring them with you and never miss a Dose of Supplements. As a General Guideline; Medicines like Aromasin, Clenbuterol, Thyroid & Accutane or Amino-Acid Based Supplements like Creatine, Taurine, Carnitine & 5-HTP should all be taken upon Waking or in between Meals on an Empty Stomach to improve absorption. Micro-Nutrient like Multi-Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 & Fish Oil based Supplements should be taken with Meals in order to slow down absorption and give prolonged release into the Bloodstream, in order for Maximum Assimilation into Tissues of the Body. Herbal Extracts like Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Citrus Bergamot & Red Yeast Rice often have different Methods of Administration, please consult the Labels before adding them to your Pill Organizer. Oral AAS can either be taken 1 Hour Pre-Workout for a Minor Boost in Performance, or Spaced equally throughout the Day at 8 Hour Intervals; upon Waking, around Lunch Time, before Bed. All taken on an Empty Stomach.

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All Injections taken at the Correct Times & Correct Dosages

Injectable Performance Enhancing Drugs need to be Injected every Day, regardless of Ester or lack thereof, for the most Stable Blood Levels Possible. Preferably around 1-2 Hours before Working Out to enjoy the Highest Serum Concentration of the Day during the Workout as well as Post-Workout for Recovery Purposes. This is valid for Injectable Steroids, GH, IGF-1 or Fast-Acting Insulin (Humalog), which can also be taken Post-Workout in order to improve Recovery from the Post-WO Meals. Long-Acting Insulin (Lantus) should be take upon Waking as it takes around 12 Hours to Peak, allowing enough Time to consume 4-5 Meals before Serum Concentrations of Insulin are the Highest.

20-30 Minute Cardio Sessions are Performed ATLEAST 3x per Week

A small amount of Cardio is performed Year Round for Cardio-Vascular Health and to Strengthen your Heart in order to keep up with the Oxygen & Nutrient Demand of your Abnormal Surplus of Muscle Mass. A Secondary Benefit is that Cardio increases Digestion & Appetite, improves Serum Lipid Levels, increases VO2 Max during Strenuous Exercise and last but not least, helps to Maintain Body Fat Levels or reduce it. Obviously Cardio is increased while entering a Cutting Phase or Prepping for a Body Building Contest in order to increase Fat Loss & Metabolism further. During the Offseason you can do 20-30 Minutes of Cardio upon Waking on your Rest Days and Post-Workout after Arm Day if you follow a 5 Day Workout Split, or only on your Rest Days when you follow a 2 Day ON, 1 Day OFF on a Push-Pull-Legs Routine.

All Exercises & Sets are Performed to Perfection

Arguably the most difficult aspect of keeping your Momentum in Body Building as there’s many Factors that could impact your Workout Quality; Stress from Work or Relationships, Lack of Sleep, Reduced Calories, certain Exercises are in Use or under Maintenance, etc. Ideally you leave all the Issues that can ruin your Workout at the Door, including your Ego and aim for the Most Productivity during your Training Session. This means a Combination of Perfect Reps to Failure for a Perfect Set. These are Perfect Reps with Slow & Controlled Negative, Fast & Explosive Positive and an Isometric Contraction where Applicable. Keeping the Weights in Motion throughout the entire Performance of the Exercise to Failure, resting only shortly to catch your Breath in order to Ensure you get the Final Reps of the Set. The Hardest Part is maintaining the Tempo during the last few Reps when you’re close to Hitting Failure.
No Bullshitting in between your Sets, no Chatting on Phone unless you get Paid to do so, no Staring at Hot Girls or Guys, etc. the only excuse you have to Rest longer than usual is when you need to take a Shit! Perfect Reps & Sets aimed at Progressive Overload, when you increased Weight or Reps on at least 2 of your Exercises you had a Successful Workout, otherwise you’re just Maintaining!


When you’re Performed all these Small Tasks to Perfection, you have completed 1 Successful Day. This is where Momentum comes into Play and it’s up to you to String Weeks, Months or Years of Successful Days together in order to reach your Goals. You’ll almost have to become a Robot and leave the Emotional Decisions or Distractions out of the Small Tasks that need to be Performed each Day.

Besides Genetics & PEDs, MOMENTUM is what Turns Body Builders Professional!!

Every Successful Day that’s performed after the last Successful Day acts as a Multiplier and Strengthens the Efforts you put in during the Days prior. You actions will Compound and lead to more Dramatic Results as your perform them in Succession, to the Point where you’re making Positive Daily Changes or even HOURLY!

It’s up to you to put Everything in Place in order to have a String of Successful Days that last Months in Duration, with the only Exception being a Holiday where you can Deload both Mentally & Physically from your Insane Work Ethic. During your Holiday you enjoy a new Surroundings, new Foods, new Climate, new People, new Everything in order to Mentally Recharge & Re-Assess your Goals going forward. Sometimes you need to remove yourself from the Grind in order to take a Step Back and Observe what you’ve been doing, from a Distance.

This allows you Time to Review your Accomplishments, your Methods in trying to reach your Goals and how to progress further. All you have to do during your Holiday is prevent yourself from gaining Body Fat, I know this is very difficult, I’ve been Struggling with this for Years now. It’s either 100% Body Building or 100% Experiencing a new Country for the short amount of Time I’m there, when I see something Tasty, I’ll have it as I might never get the change again. Keep the Cardio in while Following an Intermittent Fasting Approach and you shouldn’t Gain too much Body Fat on Holiday!


I often hear People talk about the Sacrifices they have to make, or the Unwillingness to make certain Sacrifices. Honestly it’s a Completely Wrong Attitude to Consider certain Restrictions to be a Sacrifice, if it doesn’t Contribute to your Goals, why are you doing it?

That goes for People in your Social Circle the most, do they contribute to your Goals or Detract from them? The best thing you can do for yourself, your Mental Well Being and your Success in attaining your Goals, is by removing the Negative People from your Life. If that’s your own Family Members, Partner, Work Colleagues or the typical Steroid Shouting “Fake-Natty” Gym Rats, remove them ALL from your Life.

A Non-Supportive Partner is the Most Toxic Person in your Social Circle, if they don’t support your Fitness Aspirations; Break Up & Move On!! It’s better to be Single than in a Relationship that prevents you from Growing. Non-Supportive Family Members or Work Colleagues can simply be ignored, no need to tell them that they’re Toxic unless they’re really Invasive into your Private Life, in which case you can tell them you don’t want any part in their Toxic Negativity. There are a lot of Headphones on the Market which allows you to block out the Meat Heads & Gym Rats, ones with Noise Cancelled seem to be most Effective!

Giving up certain Foods like Donuts, Pizza, Ice Cream, Cookies, etc. is only done to get lean during a Contest Prep or Cutting Phase. You don’t have to Eliminate them the entire Year, only when it’s time to get Shredded. If you can’t do that then I can Highly Recommend Power Lifting or Strong Man Sports, where you can eat a Calorie Surplus Year Round! As long as you’re meeting your Macro & Micro-Nutrient Requirements during the Offseason, you can add a few Cheat Meals or Snacks per Week. Preferably on Days where you trained a Body Part you’re trying to improve, those Benefit the most from a Calorie Surplus Post-Workout.

Consider your Choices to be the NEW STANDARD of LIVING! The more you Invest into Attaining your Goals, the most Satisfaction you’ll get out along the way and don’t need Compensation for the Foods & Relationships you’re choosing to Restrict / Limit in your Life!

The Only Limiting Factor you should keep in the back of your Head is your Health and perhaps Financial Means, so you save money to pay Bills, which have nothing to do with your Fitness Aspirations.

Health is Expensive; Quality Food, Membership at Quality Gym, Quality Supplements, Pharmaceutical Grade PEDs, Quality Mattress, Quality Gourmet Cheat Meals with your Partner or Friends, etc. It all adds up, only you can decide which Expenses are worth the Money given your Financial Means. Personally I don’t save money on ANYTHING that contributes to my Health, I’d rather work Harder and order to make more Money or reduce my Expenses by going back to a Cruise Dose, requiring less Food, Supplements & PEDs during that Time Period.


Feelings like Hunger, Lethargy, Anger, Frustration, Unhappiness, etc. have to be Suppressed enough not to detract from your Goals. As a Coach I’ve seen most Clients Fail at one Point or Another, where Hunger & Lethargy somehow Justifies eating off the Diet when trying to get Lean. Or Frustration & Unhappiness Prevents them from Training at Maximum Intensity because the never learned to Enjoy the Process of Suffering to reach a certain Goal.

This is why I’m always Hesitant to Accept First Competitors as Clients if they didn’t put a few Solid Years of Training in, prior to attempting to Content Prep. You need to learn how to Train through Adversity besides Calorie Restrictions. When you’ve been Training for a few Years you’ve undoubtedly Experienced some Stress or Hardship in the meantime, sticking to the Training Regime in Hard Times builds Character that’s absolutely required during Contest Prep. Even a 5.5 Day Fast isn’t really enough to assess a Person’s Dedication to be Honest, 5.5 Days of feeling like Garbage doesn’t come close to 8 Weeks of feeling like Garbage at the end of Prep.

Training Injuries can really offset the Momentum and set you back to your Starting Point if the Injury requires Surgery and a long Recovery Period. There’s a very Thin Line between Training at Maximum Intensity and TEARING YOURSELF APART!! Years of Gym Experience will tell you the difference between a Weight that you can Perform Perfect Reps with or Weight that will Tear your Tendons OFF the Bone, it could only be a 1kg difference so always stay Alert while you’re Training, especially while Dieting!

Quality PEDs can be hard to come by, Sources Frequently lose Supply of Pharmaceutical or Reputable Under Ground Lab (UGL) PEDs, if you don’t keep a decent amount of Stock then you might need to use Questionable / Dubious UGL, which are often Under Dosed and can cause Infections or Systemic Inflammation. That means you might have to keep a 3 Month – 1 Year Supply for HRT Dosing of Testosterone, Aromasin & Growth Hormone on Standby at the bare Mimimum. Just in case Pharmaceutical Grade becomes Unobtainable after the Chinese RAW Powder Sales of PEDs Ban, which went into Effect on January 1st 2020, or another Global Corona / COVID-19 Pandemic Prevents International Distribution of Pharmaceuticals & Supplements for Months on end!

While it’s an incredible Legal Liability to have 4 Months’ Worth of Contest Prep PEDs & 6 Months’ Worth of HRT laying around in your House, it does ensure you to keep Momentum while Pharmgrade & UGL PEDs Supply runs out after the Ban on RAWS or Global Pandemics!

If your Job Obligations don’t allow you do Sleep for 8 Hours per Night then you need to find a better Employer, end of Discussion!! You can Work, go to the Gym, spend a few Hours with your Partner & Kids every Day if you Manage your Day correctly. There are plenty of things you can outsource to others, put a Value on your Time, if the outsourcing is Cheaper than your Hourly Rate then by all means, let somebody else do the Laundry, Ironing, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, etc. You spend a bit more Money and you Gain more Free Time for Sleeping, which will make you more Productive during the Day and allow you to make more Money as you’re Sharper and more Focused.

It’s your Responsibility to put everything in Place to Attain your Goals and don’t let Outside Forces hold you back! When you learn how to Micro-Manage every Aspect of our Life and your Surroundings, large Obstacles become Small Hills you can easily Step Over & Slide Down from.

Sky is the Fucking Limit; if you keep up the Pace!

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