• Personalized Advice by Email


    Due to the high influx of questions Coach Steve receives by email on a daily basis, we’ve decided to charge for personalized advice by email going forward. This fee is based on the 1-hour consultation rate of 1,080 USD, charged at 18 USD per 1-minute, at a minimum of 108 USD for 6-minutes worth of reading and replying.

    Contact Coach Steve

    To streamline this service, read out your own email by speaking phonetically while tracking how many minutes it takes for you to read your own email out loud. Double the amount of minutes to cover Coach Steve’s time required to read AND reply to your email, and pay the appropriate amount using the Dropdown Menu below!

    EXAMPLE: If your email takes 12 minutes to read out loud, double it to 24 minutes and multiply by 18 USD, for a total of 432 USD. If your email takes 6 minutes to read out loud and includes bloodwork results, triple it to 18 minutes and multiply by 18 USD, for a total of 324 USD. If your email takes 2 minutes to read out loud, the minimum fee of 108 USD still applies!!

  • Appreciation or Donation


    Signs of appreciation or donations are always welcome and highly appreciated! If you found a particular YouTube video to be helpful, and perhaps; life-changing or inspiring, consider donating to Coach Steve by selecting one of the options below.

    YouTube Super Thanks are also very helpful, although YouTube does take a 30% cut from your Super Thanks.

    Liking, Commenting, and Sharing any of my videos or posts on social media already goes a very long way, please only use this option if you’d like to go the extra mile and want to share your passion for biology & pharmacology with a tangible contribution!