Comprehensive Guide to Post-Cycle Therapy

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This eBook contains detailed instructions on how to follow Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) correctly, within 3 separate phases. To recover normal Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes/Adrenal-Axis (HPTA/HPAA) function, after a cycle with Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS) or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). It covers PCT protocols ranging from short-term cycles to blasting & cruising for years.



The Comprehensive Guide to Post-Cycle Therapy eBook by Coach Steve is 40 pages and contains the following topics:
• Blood Work Markers & Reference Ranges
AAS & SARMs Half-Lives, Active-Lives & Clearance Times
Estrogen (Estradiol E2) & Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs); Anastrozole, Exemestane, Letrozole, Diindolylmethane & Calcium D-Glucarate
• Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
• Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (HMG)
• Triptorelin
• Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex)
• Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid)
• Supplementation
• Nutrition
• Training
• Fertility

1 review for Comprehensive Guide to Post-Cycle Therapy

  1. ADam JAmes (verified owner)

    Very detailed and hits every angle for receivers which is 100% needed in everyone’s cycle journey, I’m Very happy theres finally information this descriptive out there! Great book very easy to understand and follow

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